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July 1st, 2014; 0149 hours:  The first call of July happened about 2 hours into the first of the month when Station 59 along with Ladder 58 and Rescue 25 were dispatched for a car fire endangering a dwelling on Main Street in Mayfield.  Ladder 58 went en route first and was first arriving right after Chief 59 (Tomcavage).  Initial reports from the scene was a working car fire and no endangerment to the home. 

Main Street Car Fire
Units on the Box:
Engine 59, Rescue 59 and Rescue 25, Ladder 58 and Ambulance 59-9

Engine 59 arrived seconds after the ladder with Rescue 59 on on the trail.  Engine crew pulled a 1 3/4 inch attack line will the rescue crew started to open up the car.  Rescue 25 was returned to service by command.  Fire was extinguished with tank water within minutes.  Great Job by all companies involved with the coordination of the attack.

3rd Alarm Commercial
Structure Fire
June 27th, 2014: 1522 hours;
Rescue Company 59 along with Squad 59 were dispatched to assist Station 25 (Jessup) on the 2nd alarm for a working commercial structure fire at the Scranton Cooperage building on Mid Valley Drive.

Units on
Engines: 25, 31, 262, 332, 29, 211, 60, 59, 24, 26, 36, 2
(Scranton), 5, 28, 63, 93, 553
Rescues: 25, 31, 59, 27, 18, 23, 41, 21, 51
Ladders: 20, 27, 58, 4, 43, 95
Squads: 22, 26, 59, 275
Ambulances: 258, 259, 219, 239, 229, 2-8, 7-9, 369, 298, QR23, Penn Ambulance, Lackawanna Ambulance Rehab
Cars: 25, 22, 20
Brush Trucks: 25, 26
Tankers: 29, 15, 2, 21, 60, 36, 63
Foam Unit 2
Lackawanna County EMA along with Hazmat Unit
ATV: 26, 25

Rescue 59 went en route with 6 people while the Squad went en route with 5 people a board.  Rescue 59 arrived and was tasked with water supply from a hydrant in the front of the building. The rescue supplied Engine 262 and Engine 31 with them relying supply to Ladders 4, 27, and 58. The Rescue pumped at the fire for about 5 hours. Squad 59 assisted in rehab services with the EMS units on scene.  Do to the possible exposure to hazmat the county decon team was called in and set up mass decon with Chief 593 (Hallowich) in charge.  All units cleared after about 6 hours.

Mock Crash
May 6th 2014; 0900 hours: Rescue 59 assisted Scott, Justus, and Whites Crossing on a Mock Accident demonstration at the Lakeland High School. Units showed the kids what happens when you drink and drive. This presentation was prepared by LHS Senior Dustin Hendrickson. Dustin is also a member at Whites Crossing. Good job by all involved in the event and wish all of the students involved in this years prom season a safe and fun time.

Kitchen Fire
April 11th, 2014; 1556 hours:  During the height of our annual Fish Dinner the Rescue and Squad got dispatched for a structure fire in Area 36 (Scott Township) on Koehler Hill Road.  Rescue and Squad went en route within minutes of dispatch with a crew of 9 between the two pieces.  While en route the report was smoke showing with a working kitchen fire.  Engine 36 arrived and deployed a hose line to the front door.

The fire was knocked down quick by the first in crews.  Rescue 59 arrived and staged in the front of the home as per the command with the crew going in to open up hotspots and perform ventilation.  Squad 59 arrived right after the rescue and set up a mini rehab area for the crews.  Rescue 59 crews spent the next hour ventilating the house and performing some salvage jobs for the family.  All WWHC returned to service within an hour and half.

Units on Scene:
Engine 36, Engine 28, Engine 24, Engine 63
Rescue 59, Rescue 28
Tanker 28, Tanker 24, Tanker 63, Tanker 36
Ladder 58
Squad 59
Ambulance 28-9

Pioneer City Structure Fire
April 3, 2014; 0950; Ambulance 59-8 was dispatched to assist Station 51 (Carbondale City) on a working structure fire.  The ambulance went en route right after dispatch.  While the ambulance was en route Command 51 called for Rescue 59 to the scene.  The Rescue went en route shortly after dispatch also.  When Ambulance 59-8 arrived on scene the crew was asked to set up for rehab. Captain 59 (J. Bein) requested Squad 59 to the scene. 

The Rescue arrived and crews split with half going to the roof for ventilation and the other going inside to open up.  The Rescue crew spent most of the time lookingfor hot spots and opening up the home.

Squad 59 arrived on scene and set up rehab in a shaded area across from the fire.  A Carbondale firefighter  was injured during the incident with non life threatening injuries.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Carbondale Fire Department. 

Chimney Fire Area 18
April 2nd, 2014; 0248hours;  Rescue 59 was dispatched to assist Station 18 (Clifford, Susquehanna County) on a Chimney fire at State Route 2023 near the Panorama Golf Course.  Rescue went en route with 5 including Chief 59-3.  Rescue arrived on scene and stopped short of the drive way with the crew reporting to the command post.  The crew split and was tasked with ventilation of the fire room and overhaul of the chimney area where the fire started.  The Rescue operated for about 2 hours due to it being a stubborn fire.  Fire was contained to the chimney area.

Rehab Assignment
March 24th, 2014; 0702hours, Squad 59 was dispatched for a rehab assignment at a 2nd alarm fire in the Whites Crossing section of Carbondale Township.  Cottage EMS on scene requested our unit to setup our rehab supplies for the firefighters. Squad arrived on scene and staged our tent and supplies across the street from the fire.  Rehab was in operation for a couple hours providing water, coffee, and snacks for the early morning incident.  The Squad was returned to service shortly before 11am.

Decon Team Training
March 26th 2014 at 1830 hours; Members from the county decon team got together for a short training session to go over some of the equipment used in decon incidents.  Wayne Smith from Station 15 (Elmhurst-Roaring Brook) lead the session.  Mr. Smith went over some of the basics of the technical decon line and how it operates.  We also talked about the use of our own EMS units and the Rehab sector.  WWHC had about 15 members at the session along with members from Station 7 (Moscow Emergency Services) and Station (Elmhurst-Roaring Brook).  Future sessions will be planned by the team leaders.
Decon Team Members:
Engine 51 (Carbondale)
Engine 15 (Elmhurst-Roaring Brook)
Engine 2 (Chinchilla)
Engine 2 (City of Scranton)
Engine 24 (Greenfield Twp.)
Rescue 59(WWHC, Mayfield)
Squad 59 (WWHC, Mayfield 
Tanker 60(Meredith, Carbondale Twp.)
Tanker 21(Archbald)
Ambulance 7 (Moscow)
Ambulance 14 (Covington Twp.)

Multi Vehicle Crash with Entrapment
March 26th 2014 at 1654 Hours;  Ambulance 59-9 was dispatched to assist Station 21 (Archbald EMS) for a 2 car crash with entrapment and ejection in the 600 block of the Scranton Carbondale Highway in front of the old Sugerman’s store.

Right after the EMS request Rescue Company 59 was also dispatched to assist on the crash with Ambulance 59-8 shortly after the rescue.  Ambulance 59-9 arrived on scene and took 1 patient to CMC with a medic from Penn Ambulance.  Rescue arrived on scene to help with extrication along side Rescue 21 crews.  With both rescues working together the extrication was completed in the better part of 30 minutes.  Ambulance 59-8 arrived and took two minors to the hospital.  When the call was over there were 5 patients transported to area hospitals. 

Units on Scene:
Rescue 59 and Rescue 21
Ambulances: 59-9, 59-8, 21-9, 21-8, 25-9, 23-9
ALS Units: Penn 4, Medic 915, Penn 3, and LA 25

Jermyn Porch Fire
March 20th, 2014; 2136hrs, Station 58 (Jermyn) along with Rescue 59 and Ambulance 59-9 were dispatched for a possible structure fire in the 500 block of Lincoln Ave in Jermyn.  Initial reports from the County 911 Center was a porch on fire.  First arriving units found the fire out on arrival with quick action from the homeowner.  There was some residual fire that was taken care of by Ladder 58.  Rescue 59 was tasked with ventilation of the home with the positive pressure fan.  Ambulance 59-9 was on standby on the scene but no services were needed from the EMS crew.  All units were returned after a while.

Units on Scene:
Engine 58-3, Ladder 58, Rescue 59, Ambulance 59-9, Fire Police 58, Chief 58

Detached Garage Fire
March 15th, 2014; 2254hrs, Rescue and Squad 59 were dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment to Browndale (Wayne County) for a garage fire at 1312 Main St.  Rescue 59 went en route with the Squad responding shortly after.  Initial reports were a working garage fire. 

Rescue 59 called for a report from the Main St. Command and were told to stage with the crew reporting to the command post.  The crew reported to command and was asked to get lighting to the rear of the structure.  he fire was knocked quickly by the first crew in and some overhaul was in progress. Squad 59 arrived and was placed back in service immediately.  Rescue was returned to service within 30 minutes of arriving on scene.

Units on Scene:
Engines- 41,43, 524, 614
Rescues- 59, 51
Ladders- 51, 18
Squads- 22, 59
Ambulance- 418

Working Kitchen Fire

March 5, 2014; 1041hrs, Rescue and Squad were dispatched to assist Station 43 (Browndale, Wayne County) for a working dwelling fire at 227 Little Keen Road.  Rescue and Squad went en route within minutes of dispatch.  Rescue arrived on scene and was staged in the yard as RIT(Rapid Intervention Team).  The fire was out prior to our arrival and overhaul was in progress due to the fire progressing up to the attic area.    Chief 593 (Hallowich) was the RIT crew chief and evaluated the scene.  The Squad arrived and was on standby for rehab but no services were needed by the unit and was returned to service.  Rescue was returned to service within an hour with no services needed.  

Units on Scene:
Engines- 41, 43, 75, 94
Tankers- 75, 94
Ladders- 58, 134
Rescues- 59
Ambulance- Waymart EMS

Browndale Dwelling Fire
February 25th, 2014: At approximately 9:30am Rescue 59 along with the Squad were requested to Elovar Drive in Browndale (Station 43, Wayne County) for a working structure fire.  First arriving units found heavy fire throughout the home. Rescue arrived and the crew went to work with some hand lines to try and extinguish the fire.

The house had collapsed down on itself making it very hard. The decision was made to scale back the assignment and bring in heavy equipment to help with the extinguishment.

Squad 59 arrived on the scene providing rehab for the crews along with Forest City EMS. The 59 units cleared around 1:45pm

Crash leads to Medical Call
January 23rd, 2014 
Rescue and EMS were dispatched to assist the Jermyn Police with a vehicle off the roadway with a male confused and wandering around the vehicle.  JPD requested EMS only for the crash.  Ambulance 59-9 went en route with Rescue 59 crewed and standing by at the station.  Mobile 911 from Cottage was first arriving to find the patient in the police car. 

Ambulance 59-9 arrived shortly after the Mobile Unit to find that there was very minor damage to the car.  There was no need for Rescue services and they were placed back in service by Captain 59 (J. Bein).  The call turned out to be more of a medical call due to the male not remembering most of his drive home. The patient was transported on board Ambulance 59-9 with Mobile 911 to CMC.     

Quick Knock in 
Area 24
January 27th, 2014: Around 18:50 Rescue and Squad 59 were dispatched as part of a Greenfield Twp.first alarm assignment at 298 Sickler Pond Rd. for a reported structure fire. 

First arriving 24 units reported a working fire in the basement. Crews stretched two 1 3/4" handlines from E-24, however the fire was extinguished with a PW Can by crews who made initial entry. 

The Rescue and Squad staged  until being released by Command 24. Units operated ons cene for about an hour.

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